The Harvester that cares about worms. pat.pend.

Introducing the Cochran Harvester  model 1815

The new model 1815 is the perfect size for the home vermicomposter combining two efficient harvesting methods into an economical, compact table-top design.

To encourage reproduction it is recommended that worm population be thinned to about 1 pound of adult worms per square foot of bedding. The absence of hatching capsules and baby worms reduce stress on the breeders which encourage breeding. For the Red Wiggler this would be about 500 adult worms to a pound.

    Picking out 500 worms by hand or using the light method is a tedious and time consuming method but the model 1518 Harvester will sort and pick hundreds of worms in just the first 15 seconds of operation if the original bedding material is in a typically overcrowded condition.

    Turning at 10 rpm about 1500 fingers (pat. pend.) a minute move through the bedding gently lifting the breeders up and over the worm collection tray. As they raise above they slip from the fingers dropping into the tray to be collected, counted or weighed. Meanwhile the 1/4 inch hardware cloth screens out the finer compost and castings that fall into a bin beneath the trommel.

     After the breeders have been temporally bedded in the tray, the remaining capsules, baby worms and nursery bedding remaining in the trommel is automatically emptied into a separate bin (if desired) by reversing the rotation of the trommel.

     Because of this unique feature, (pat. pend.) the harvester is easily stored requiring about as much floor space as a laundry basket.

     No longer does a harvester have to be 8, 12 feet long, costing hundreds of dollars to crate, ship or be too big for an apartment.

     The length of time that the compost spends in the trommel is no longer determined by the machine tilt that requires an adjustment for dry or damp material nor are the worms subjected to a seemingly endless tumbling which means they are last to exit to a hot, dry diverter wedge. Nor are they bounced up and down the entire length of a vibrating table but are now picked up gently and placed in a comfortable tray of moist bedding. 

     To purchase a harvester that treats worms like livestock, not like rocks and gravel go to pricing and shipping information.

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